A Complete Electronics Manufacturing Service

Our core services include:
  • PCB Design
  • Pre Production Service
    • NPI
    • Design for excellence
    • Design for Manufacture
  • Component Procurement
  • PCB Procurement
  • PCB Assembly
  • PCB test / repair
  • Test
    • AOI
    • Flying Probe
    • Function Test
  • Programming in & out circuit
  • Conformal Coating
  • Encapsulating / Potting
  • Boxbuild
  • Component Baking & Vacuum Sealing
  • Tape & Reeling

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What makes us different?

We’re capable, experienced in a range of sectors, cost-effective and flexible to customer requirements.

Small to Medium Batch Production

Here at Denis Ferranti Electronics, we specialise in catering to customers who have small to medium batch production requirements.

By working closely with our global supply partners, we have the flexibility to meet your production requirements quickly and cost-effectively, whilst ensuring quality and customer service are never compromised.

Product Portfolio Management

We specialise in managing complete product portfolios for customers who have a large and/or varied product range.

By utilising this service, our customers benefit from being able to flexibly, accurately, and easily schedule their production for their entire product portfolio.

There are several elements that contribute to our capability in this area.

Customer Stockholding

We recognise that if you have a high number of product variants, scheduling can be difficult.

To ensure your production requirements can be met quickly and efficiently, we offer to stock hold for your complete product portfolio.

By doing so we are able to rapidly react to your requirements and ensure your product reaches the market quickly.

Flexible Production & Scheduling

We understand that it is increasingly important to meet your customers’ needs as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our recent investment in our high-speed equipment enables us to provide you with the production flexibility required to ensure you meet your customers’ fluctuating demands.

To further enhance our flexibility, we work closely with our global supply chain to ensure good quality, efficient, and cost-effective components are continually available for production.

Equipment & Capacity

Our state of the art, high speed, pick and place machines boast industry leading placement and changeover times.

This gives us the flexibility to manage several items simultaneously, and allows us to offer you the shortest possible route, from prototype through to production, for your products.

See our Plant List here.

Cost-Optimisation Through Offshore Procurement

Providing our customers with the most cost-effective manufacturing solutions for their products is a priority of ours.

Having procurement offices in both the UK and China, we are able to utilise our global sourcing capability to ensure we provide you with high quality goods for your products, at the most competitive prices.

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