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PCB Manufacturer Plant List

Our comprehensive plant includes:

Screen Printing: 2 x Dek 265   X Ray Inspection: 1 x Glenbrook
Placement: 3 x Contact 3AV   AOI: 1 x Scanpoint
  1 x Sanyo TCM 1600   Flying Probe: 1 x SPEA 4040
  1 x Sanyo TIM 1000   Pin Bed Testing: SPEA U 100 / SPEA U 500
1 x Sanyo TCM 1000   Function Testers: 2 x Yelow
  1 x  Mydata100LKe-14 with NUTEK conveyors      
Reflow Ovens: 2 x Heller 1088   Wave Solder: 1 x Eurppac II 400
Radial Insertion: Panasert RH6/RT2120B/TL   Axial Insertion: 1 x Universal Twin Station
      Axial Sequencer: 1 x Universal 40

Ancillary units to configure in line Process Sequence Conveyors, Magazine Loaders / Unloaders,
Bare Board Loader, Flip Over Units, Diverters and Inspection Stations.

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Rework Facility
Infra Red BGA Rework Station - PDR
Selective Wave Soldering Machine - APS 

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