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Reshoring Electronics and PCB Manufacturing Services

Outsourcing electronics manufacturing and contract assembly jobs can be difficult, non reliable, costly and time consuming. But Denis Ferranti Electronics offers UK Reshoring of Manufacturing services, which means that it reverses outsourcing process and transfers it back to the country of origin- UK.

At Denis Ferranti, our primary endeavor is to provide cost effective solutions for electronics manufacturing and PCB assembly. The products are designed to work in highly reliable applications and can deal with abuse, hostile environments and potential attacks. As a reshoring manufacturing company, it ensures that clients get the best quality of small to medium batch PCB assemblies and electronics without worrying about hefty prices.

As one of the leading reshoring companies in the country, we offer rapid turnaround through latest high speed equipment, initiate cost optimizing solutions, prepare flexible scheduling to ensure that supply chains run smoothly and offer life cycle support with group resources. Working to Class 2 IPC standards, the company ensures that its SMT PCBs and PTH PCBs are compliant with latest techniques and manufacturing process. Therefore, for PTH Assemblies, customers can get panel sizes up to 443X508mm with a thickness ranging from 0.4mm to 6.00mm, while SMT PCBs have components placed from 0201 to 65mm square.

Denis Ferranti Electronics is one of those reshoring companies that offer full PCB assemblies, cable and wiring production, custom enclosures in plastic or metal along with finished packaging and distribution systems. The organization is registered under ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OSAS 18001.



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