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Offshore Manufacturing Services

Denis Ferranti Electronics is one the UK leading offshore companies that offer PCB manufacturing and electronics assembly. At Denis Ferranti Group, our primary endeavor is to provide cost effective electronic assemblies and related services. Therefore, we also provide offshore wind and outsourcing facilities for manufacturing following products-

PCB Assembly - We offer SMT and PTH PCB assembly services. As an offshore manufacturing company, we provide PCB cards with Surface Mount Technology or SMT, wherein cards are populated on modern automated lines. The capacity for same is from 0201 to 56mm sq. For PTH or Plated through Hole PCB, we have cards populated by hand or automatic machinery. They are soldered through hand soldering or wave soldering. Customized panel sizes from 443X508mm and 0.4mm to 6.00mm thickness are available.

Electromechanical assembly services - Our electromechanical services include- custom enclosures in plastic or metal, assembly of PCBs, harness production, sourcing of mechanical components, assembly and testing services along with finished packaging and distribution services.

Denis Ferranti Group firmly believes in being different. So, even with outsourced manufacturing, the company provides rapid turnaround with optimization of cost, full technical support and other services.

Flexible and fast production for small to medium batches of PCB along with procurement from Shanghai makes it possible for us to provide cost effective solutions to our clients.

At Denis Ferranti Group, production systems are ROHS compliant and we work to Class 2 IPC Standards. Denis Ferranti Group is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OSAS 18001 compliant



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