Flow Soldering and Conformal Coating are the two very important processes used in PCB to ensure smooth flow of current as well as keep the efficiency. A conformal coating is basically done with the help of professional coating machine, and is considered to be the most significant types of coatings available. Let’s take a look on different types of this process is used on PCB to gain additional knowledge about them.

Acrylic conformal coatings are designed to offer enhanced flexibility and complete protection to the electronic boards. As one of the important coating systems, these are not only easy for the application purposes, but also quite easy in removing and therefore, handling is not a problem. There are many types of Acrylic conformal coatings which are exclusively meant to address the military standards. These types dry very easily and can be readily removed by solvent.

Silicone conformal coatings are yet another type of conformal coatings which are manufactured in solvent resistant and solvent removable forms. The Silicone will work better at very high temperatures, besides giving excellent protection against the chemical and salt spraying. On the other hand, solvent resistant products are quite difficult in removing, but these can be soldered. It is also important to point that Silicone conformal coatings have got good electrical insulation properties and as the result of which these are quite best for high power and populated PCB boards.

Polyurethanes conformal coatings are used as one or two part systems. It is significant to note that several of the useful products for coating applications are basically using as a single part systems. These types of coatings make use of excellent moisture, high level of chemical resistance and superb electrical characteristics. With this piece of information, you are in the position to make the right judgment. At DFerranti Electronics, you can get high quality PCBs.