Published on November 25, 2013, by in Pcb Assembly.

PCBs support electronic devices which includes everything from home and kitchen appliances products to television sets. PCB assemblies subcontract manufacturing services are today available all over the world. They also offer Electronic Manufacturing Services which has seen a rapid growth in recent times. Many of these offer complete PCB assembly services besides PTH, SMT and Automotive Electronics Assembly. Full range of PCB assembly services which include PTH, SMT, lead free PCBs and Box build solutions can be availed by industrial majors on a contractual basis.

Through-hole technology had completely replaced earlier electronic assemblies until the advent of Surface Mount Technology (SMT). Through holes became Plated Through Holes or PTH for the electronic components to make contacts with the required conductive layers. In this technology electronic components such as pins and terminals were manually inserted and then soldered to pads on the opposite side. Automated insertion mount machines would also often be used in the process.  From rework cycles being factored in the PTH design, to a high amount of precision with cutting edge laser drilling equipment PTH PCB assembly services have to be top notch for them to perform well.

There are many electronic manufacturing companies which have a wide range of expertise when it comes to electronic assemblies. Sub contractors functioning within the ambit of the Electronic Manufacturing Industry have many PCB assembly services to facilitate the production and maintenance of a many companies. From testing conventional PTH PCBs to providing support for mixed surface mounted and plated ones there are firms which offer complete solutions to the electronic needs of their customers. These tend to meet the highest of industry standards providing consumers with the best production method to reduce escalating costs.

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