Published on September 18, 2012, by in Pcb Assembly.

A well known company, Denis Ferranti electronics, specialises in PCB assembly ranging from sizes of small to medium lengths. They are basically electronic manufacturers on the contractual basis. They also specialise in electronic assembly and various other assembly services of electromechanical types. These specialised companies have an exclusive expertise in the field of providing services related to the electronic manufacturing for the various customers, having variants of the products in large numbers. These efficient companies offer their clients a wide range of the assembly services related to the surface mount as well as the assembly services of the of the  PCB which are plated through the hole.

The markets for the PCB assembly and the electronic assembly are vast which generally include the sectors like power monitoring, secure data transfer, security & surveillance and the like. In these places the applications have a tight control and also have a manufacturing process which is highly traceable. Most of the assemblies along with the electronic products that are produced by these companies are greatly designed so as to have a high reliability. In these places the products are prone to environment which are hostile in nature and may cause a potential attack to them. Wide range of services of the electronic manufacturing are provided to the clients which helps them to offer a partnership of comprehensive manufacturing of electronic things.

The visit to the website of this company will prove to be beneficial and highly informative and it will make the client choose this company as the supplier of the PCB assembly. There are various other leading companies for the electronic manufacturers those who will give a good solution which are highly cost effective. The PCB cards of the surface mount technology are highly populated on the lines of the modern automated appearance that has a capacity to positions the components up to 56mm sq. The PCB cards of the plated through hole types are all populated by the hand as well as populated automatically for radial, axial and IC components. These cards are soldered as well as combined with the reflow. Hand soldering is also done.

A great range of PCB materials along with the formats are used for proper working that generally includes FR2, FR4, and the LED placement of the metal back.  There are various facilities out of which some of them include the X-Ray inspection, optical inspection along with AOI, flying probe and the like. The testing of functionality which are tailored are also allowed to do. The company’s electronic assembly try to provide a highly satisfying, long lasting service and is highly cost effective. Several packages are also offered in order to captivate the customers more.