Sub contract PCB Assembly services are on the rise today as a consequence of the meticulous task of PCB manufacturing which Contract Electronic Manufacturing companies like Denis Ferranti engage in. Innovations too are reigning high in this genre and PCBs with metal cores are one of kinds which are in great demand at present. Here are some facts about Metal Core or Metal Backed PCBs.

What is Metal Backed PCB Assembly

Metal Core or Metal Backed Printed Circuit Boards are PCBs with the back or the core made of metal to ensure optimum dissipation of heat. The metals that the core is made up of can be copper, aluminum or heavy copper of which aluminum is the commonest choice of metal. In such PCBs the heat is radiated much faster from the important components of the board to the heat sink of the metal core or backing. Many a time the black color of the metals are used to trigger better radiation. Since heat is radiated about 8 to 9 times faster when compared to FR4 or Flame Retardant Type 4 PCBs they augment the life span of the components by keeping them cooler.

Uses of Metal Core or Metal Backed Assemblies

The LEDs that you use to illuminate various corners of your home or see as the street lights are made of Metal core PCBs. Since LEDs or Light Emitting Diodes are prone to releasing more heat and consequently increase chances of accidents they are generally backed up by PCBs with metal core. Some of the areas where such LEDs with metal core PCBs are used are Photovoltaic applications, Automotive LED applications, power supplies for telecom and other industries as well as high voltage regulators, Hybrid or Electric Motor Controlling system and many more.

Electric Cars, LED Heavy Computer Hardware solutions and Solar Panel Roofs also make use of PCBs with metal backing for maximum heat dissipation.

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