Printed Circuit Board Assembly, referred as PCB assembly, basically performs two main functions. They offer mechanical support to electronic devices while connecting every device through conductive trace. At present, the application of pcb assembly has become universal in almost all kinds of electronic devices. Earlier, this was not the case. Previously, skilled technicians use to solder electronic products manually.

There were some industries where the method of wire wrap was used. Wire Wrap refers to a technique which involves wrapping solid wire about the vertical post using hand tool or even powered tool meant for wire wrapping. This technique is still used for developing prototypes. Another such technique is stitch wiring. This technique involves welding solid wires on PCB. However, this method did not last long because it was difficult to repair or troubleshoot problems with it. .

The present age PCB has replaced methods used earlier. This is because this method is less expensive. Further, this method permits the electronic circuit’s automated assembly. the method ranges from very simple to extremely complex, depending upon task to execute. The simplest method is home prepared boards, while the complex ones involve multi-layer types requiring designs made in computer.

There are three types of PCB. They are single sided and double sided, even multi-layered PCBs. While the first two types contain conductive traces upon their exteriors, multi-layered PCBs are formed similar to sandwich. They have more than one layer of conductor, which is connected via plates. These are less expensive as they are fully automated. Dferranti electronics is a well known company in the UK offering high quality services and products.