Published on November 21, 2012, by in Pcb Assembly.

The process of electronic manufacture has PCB assembly at its core. As devices grow in sophistication and complexity, they become more compact. It requires more densely packed PCB according to the size of the device. This calls for extreme precision and automation in the PCB assembly process. PCBs today have evolved from single sided ones to double sided and multilayer boards with printed through holes resulting in a densely packed assembly. Multiple tracks run close to each other. While populating the PCB care has to be taken to ensure that the solder does not short circuit tracks. At the same time, a dry solder, if not detected and rectified, can result in a malfunction.

A PCB may be populated with hundreds of components with semiconductors and ICs needing to be mounted with the right polarity, again calling for extreme care. In order to attain sustainable volumes in electronic manufacture computerized, automatic pick and place machines are the automatic choice for volume production. Wave soldering machines solder components in place, again extreme care is necessary to ensure solder does not splash and short circuit tracks, and there are no dry solder points. The PCB assembly service does not end with populating the board and soldering. Just as important and necessary are the post soldering checks such as optical and X-Ray inspection, pin bed testing, flying probe and AOI tests to ensure each board is 100% defect-free.

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