Published on October 18, 2013, by in Pcb Assembly.

PCBs or the Printed Circuit Boards are crucial components for electronic devices, including Television sets and kitchen products. They are used for supporting a product mechanically and at the same time for providing electronic components with electricity. Using conductive tracks, these PCBs are one of the most popular products for electronics.

PTH or the Plated through Holes is a PCB technology, which has become a pivotal part of electronics manufacturing. It is basically a mounting scheme that is used for PCBs to ensure that leads on the components are inserted safely and reliably through holes in the PCBs’ drilled regions. Then, they are inserted into mount machines. The Plated through Holes technology enables PCB components to make contact using conductive layers. They play an important role in making component connections and interconnections between different layers.

Sub contract PCB assembly with the PTH technology ensures that the mechanical bonds between PCB layers are stronger when compared to SMT or Surface mount Technology techniques. This works best for heavier components such as a semiconductor as they limit the routing area for signal traces, providing better reliability to the user. Ultra compact designs of PTH are also available with SMT construction. Therefore, even lighter components can make use of the mechanical bonds through PTH technology.

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