Surface Mount Assembly or the technology is a method to construct electronic circuit in which the materials are organized directly onto the surfacing area of printed circuit boards. Any electronic device which is made in this way is termed a surface mount device. In the manufacturing organization it has highly replaced the “hole” technology producing technique of setting components wire pioneers into holes in those circuit boards. Both methods can be handled on the similar board for materials not matched to surface organizing like semiconductors of power and the transformers. As the SMT component and Contract Electronic Manufacturing Services are generally smaller than its own through-hole complementary part, it has either little leads or nothing at all. SMT component may have some leads of styles or short pins, BGAs, flat contacts or conclusion on the figure of the component.

Surface Mount Assembly was industrialized in the 1960s and appeared extensively used in the end of the 1980s. Most of the leading work in that technology was done by IBM. The design technique was first revealed by IBM in the year 1960 in a little scale computer and it was later used in the Launch Vehicle Digital Computer which is used in the influent unit that leaded all Saturn V and Saturn IB vehicles. The components were unthinkingly redesigned to have a little metal tabs or the caps which are used at the end that could easily be soldered to the surfacing area of those PCBs. By this components become much smaller and the components placements on the each of two sides of the board appear as much more common with the organizing surface than through-hole organizing and permitting much higher densities of circuit. Sometimes only the joints of the solders hold the part to the boards but parts on the second side or on the bottom side of that board are temporarily went out of danger with some dots of glue as well. SMDs and Contract Electronic Manufacturing Services are generally built physically light and small for that reason.

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