Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) is a termed used for companies that provide electronics designing, assembling, production and testing services. EMS usually branches out to subcontract electronic manufacturing services and contract manufacturing services. EMS companies use several manufacturing technologies and processes to deliver solutions to small, medium and large production units.

Several factors have increased the demand for EMS providers. Subcontracting or contracting to EMS providers allow Original Equipment Manufacturers, termed as OEMs, to take advantages in terms of retaining ownership of products and availing manufacturing and management expertise of EMS providers. Other than this, the need for EMS providers has increased remarkably in various manufacturing sectors.

Manufacturing companies have to face several challenges during their production process. The increasing complexity and erudition of electronics products, extremely competitive nature of markets, the pressure on companies to reduce product lifecycles and costs have led to a rapid increase in need for advanced electronics manufacturing services. Earlier companies took up electronics and electromechanical assembly on their own and remained competitive. Now, performing electronics assembly has become time consuming, costly process and one has to be an expert at everything. Therefore, companies have started relying on EMS providers.

The benefits of contracting or subcontracting electronics assembly to EMS providers can be summarized as:

1) Reduction in capital investment.

2) Reduction in operating costs and other fixed costs.

3) Access to world’s leading manufacturing technology.

4) Increased focus on core competencies.

5) Enhanced purchasing power (EMS providers purchase raw materials and other components in bulk and receive discounts).

EMS is available throughout the world and varies in terms of quality standards and production quality. To find a reliable EMS provider, visit