Published on October 10, 2012, by in Pcb Assembly.

Man has evolved from apes to the mainly dominant creature of the planet.  With the help of computers man has taken the next step towards space. In fact we cannot imagine a life without a computer. All of this has been possible only due to the advancement in digital electronics. The basic building block of the digital world is printed circuit board assembly which is known as PCB assembly.

With the increase usage of digital circuits, most of the companies have emerged as the top UK contractor of electronics manufacturer. The DENIS FERRANTI GROUP offers a person cost effective solution for complete PCB assembly and all the electronics assembly needs. Security & surveillance, data transfer which is secure and power monitoring are basically their markets for PCB assembly services where the applications require a control which is very tight, and has got a manufacturing process which is traceable in nature. These PCB assemblies are designed for the applications with ‘high reliability’ where they are completely prone to environments which are highly hostile and have got a potential attack.

Another PCB assembly is known as the SMT PCB assembly. The full form of SMT is surface mount technology. The PCB cards are an integral part of the modern digital circuits of the household. They are placed on the modern lines which can automatically place the components from 0.201 mm sq. PTH PCB assembly is another service that refers to “plated through hole”. In this procedure, PCB cards are placed in both ways automatically and manually. These include components of integrated circuits, radial, axial components and the like. Cards are completely wave soldered as well as combined with hand soldering or by reflow.

These companies are different from many others. The speedy turnaround, the different investment in latest equipments having high speed has provided a great flexible and the swift turnaround production for medium to small batches and has got a prototype SMT PCB assembly. The cost optimisation and the global sourcing have helped the companies to deliver a solution for the optimal cost for their customers. There is also a flexible scheduling where these companies actively manage all types of production, several stock holdings and the deliveries on the behalf of clients.

There is also a lifelong support in arena like planning, Revision Management, legacy management of the legacy, the integration of the retrofit systems, testing and the like. Technical capability is also ensured. The highly experienced team of several electronic engineers make these companies the best in the business of these sectors. The business with them is a fruitful affair and it will help to convince the clients that Denis Ferranti Electronics must be the supplier of the PCB assembly and SMT PCB assembly and will yield a satisfactory results.