Published on February 27, 2013, by in Pcb Assembly.

Outsourcing PCB Assembly services bring along a whole array of benefits and as an Original Electronics Manufacturer, you can save a lot of time, money and effort by doing the same. The market is brimming with reliable electronic contract manufacturers like Denis Ferranti who proffer immaculate PCB production as well as assembly services at affordable rates. But, how do you judge whether the company you are hiring is reliable and will provide you with quality work? Take a quick glimpse at the following tips.
Enquire about the Kind of Services: Different contract manufacturers offer you different kinds of PCB services. These can be mainly of three types such as Kitted Services, Partially Kitted Services and Full Turnkey. If you wish to buy parts, components and equipments as well as assembling and production of your PCB circuit boards, you need to look for a company which offers you Full Turnkey services.

Check into the Array of Services and Quality of Work: What are the various PCB services undertaken by the company? Are they certified by ISO? Reputed contract manufacturers like Denis Ferranti provide a wide array of PCB services from SMT PCB assembly and PTH PCB assembly to PCB Population and full testing. They make use of latest technology X-Ray and Optical inspection, Pin Bed testing, Customized Functionality testing and the likes for ensuring products which are flawless before they are shipped. Moreover, it is a, ISO 9001(2009), ISO 14001 as well as OSAS 18001 certified company, all of which denote the high quality of services maintained.

Ask for the Quotes: Most PCB contract manufacturers of repute will give you instant quotes the moment you enter your needs and details regarding the kind of materials, the surface requirements, milling and others on the website form. Moreover, if you have bulk orders you can get services at lesser prices as increasing quantity reduces the cost per board.

If you are looking for PCB services of immaculate quality, look no further than Denis Ferranti.