The importance of PCB Function Testing in the manufacturing process of PCBs goes indubitable, given the significant role it plays in acting as the decision maker at the final juncture just before they are shipped. The whole purpose of the Functional Test is therefore to analyze whether the PCBs follow a certain standard of safety and quality, dig out defects, if any and decipher ways of improvisations on the same to attenuate costs. While there are many other tests in vogue in the field of PCB assemblies such as Boundary-Scans, In-Circuits and Defect Analyzers, Functional Testing makes up the final threshold in the manufacturing and dispatching of PCBs. The Testing is to be done in a more meticulous manner in case of Surface Mount or SMT PCB Assembly.

How is Functional Testing Carried Out

The whole process of a Functional Testing along with the needs differ from one PCB to another. Reputed contract PCB assembly manufacturers like Denis Ferranti Electronics possess avant-garde equipments for implementing the tests to the core. In general, Functional Testers are connected to the PCBs via a test-probe point or the edge connector. The test also varies according to the final environment or appliance where the PCB will be used and hence emulates the very electrical ambience as a measure to check the proper functioning of the PCB assembly. The testing program then undergoes a thorough checkup through a sequence of codes to ensure that every part of the assembly is working fine.

Advantages of Functional Testing

The advantages which Original Equipment Manufacturers can get by partnering with contract manufacturers for PCB assemblies like Denis Ferranti for such Functional Testing are many. Such contract manufacturers are equipped with modern accouterments for testing PCBs of different kinds and catering to a number of electrical environments. This turns out to be economical and time-saving for OEMs who do not require splurging on purchasing resources and equipments for detailed testing. In depth Functional Tests undertaken by adept engineers label the products as tougher and free of flaws making other tests like ICT a cakewalk.

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