The role of Printed Circuit Boards in electronic device manufacturing remains indubitable, so much so that reputed contract and sub contract PCB assembly manufacturers like Denis Ferranti Electronics are bringing newer innovations to the fore. One such innovation in the field has been surface mount PCB assemblies with metal backing, which heralds a plethora of advantages as a semiconductor used for LEDs. The consequence of this has been the widespread use of LEDs with metal backed surface mount PCB assemblies that are being adopted at homes as well as in commercial areas, not forgetting those traffic signals and automotive lights that you see flashing in the streets every day.

The avant-garde Metal Backed PCB Assembly does away with the major snag that conventional PCBs for LEDs and other forms of electronic devices have, that of excessive heat dissipation. This often leads to fire breakouts when the devices are kept adjacent or close to one another. Here came the Metal Backed PCB Assemblies with its unique with the back plate made of aluminum or copper being etched with the thin PCB board, thus creating a heat sink of its own. While LEDs of low power can do with copper backing, high-powered ones require thick aluminum etched in separate sheets. The solder resist obtained from the black color of such PCBs are also conducive to radiation of heat. Here is a quick glimpse into some of the advantages of Metal Backed PCBs.

Augments Durability of Electronic Devices: Since the metal backed PCBs help devices to remain cool, it is possible to augment the densities of power and also increases the life span of the devices.

Customized Circuits: Unlike their ceramic counterparts, Metal Backed PCBs helps customized formations of circuits by drilling and molding into proper shapes.

Get Your Insulation Requirements: With Metal Backed PCBs you can adjust your insulation or thermal requirement as per your need.
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