Published on April 30, 2013, by in Pcb Assembly.

Whether you opt for a full or partial Turnkey electronic assembly services from Denis Ferranti, we undertake certain methods and processes in order to obtain PCBs with negligible flaws. This is to ensure that whichever environment and whatever products they are finally used, they are tailored to suit the same and function properly. One such process comprises that of PCB Resin Encapsulation, a process which is applied to PCBs designed to work in harsh conditions. The finished PCBs are finally sent for the final step entailing the functional test to check their functioning. Here is a glimpse into both these processes of a PCB assembly.

Resin Encapsulation of PCBs
PCB components that are designed to work in extreme conditions are coated or encapsulated with resin systems which act as a protective sheath against vibrations, moisture, physical or thermal shock and the likes. A number of resins are used in the Electrolube line but the more prominent among them are Epoxy, Silicon and Polyurethane resins. Among these three, Silicon resins supersede the clarity, flexibility and quality of both polyurethane and epoxy resins.

The encapsulation or potting process of PCBs with resins proffers the boards and components augmented reliability and longer life span. For enhanced digital signal processing, we use conformal coatings.

PCB Functional Testing

Whatever be the use of the PCBs and their volumes, they require undergoing functional testing procedure after being assembled with the required electronic components. PCB function testing is therefore the final and ultimate step in the whole process of designing and assembling PCBs and is undertaken to rule out presence of errors in the PCBs prior to their shipment. At Denis Ferranti we use a number of testing strategies, such as Flying Probe, Optical and X-Ray Inspection, Pin Bed Testing and Customized functionality testing to name a few. The purpose of all the testing is to check whether the electronic components are working properly in the simulated environment by the proper electrical connection.

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