Designing and assembling Printed Circuit Boards through a number of processes is the work of Subcontract Electronic Manufacturing companies like Denis Ferranti. PCBs have turned out to be the backbone of consumer electronic products and hence assembling these have become one of the most sought-after services by Original Electronic manufacturers. The services rendered by us range from designing, assembling and testing of PCBs to repairing, packaging and distribution of the same. Here are some reasons why you need the services of contract electronic assembly companies like us and how our services can benefit you.

Economies of Scale, Cost-Effective Solution: Delegating the task of PCB assembly to production units or companies like Denis Ferranti who have all the required technology and equipments to carry out production in bulk will give you the benefits of economies of scale. This also means you do not need to undergo heavy investments in procuring the machinery or employing the right expertise which saves on many hundred dollars.

Technical Expertise, Adherence to Quality Standards: We proffer a wide array of services including complete PCB assembly, box build services, board level assembly, custom enclosures in plastic or metal, testing of the assembled boards and packaging, marketing and distribution of the same. These require dexterous hands to work on them and the right expertise to understand the nuances of packaging and distribution. We have technicians and engineers who are certified in their respective fields. This also points to another aspect of our service, namely that of quality adherence. We ensure complete compliance to ROHS, while being certified by ISO 9001(2009), ISO 14001 and OSAS 18001 and therefore adhere to the above standards.

Fast Turn-Around: Bestowing the responsibility of doing your PCB assembly and other related services on us will give you the opportunity to respond to customer requirements faster. Since we are only dedicated to rendering PCB related and other electromechanical services, we are accoutered with modern, advanced equipments which are capable of carrying out production faster. This also means you can devote your time to other core areas of your business.

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