Published on June 20, 2013, by in Pcb Assembly.

Metal backed Pcb assembly is gaining popularity, especially when one talks about LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights manufacturing. Metal backing, which is used for decoration purposes, traffic signals and concealed lighting over bulbs and lamps, is much in demand and performs exceptionally well as compared to plated through PCB assembly. The overall lifespan of these circuit boards is any day longer than those which contained copper or aluminum because of the quick heat conduction that comes along with such an assembly.

This kind of technology has come into the scene because of the advent of high potential LED, and comes encased in aluminum backplates whose thickness can vary according to demand. These thick sheets of metal support proper heat conduction, which is required for the smooth operation of high power LEDs. The exceptional heat conducting qualities that metal backed pcb assembly offers has made it perfect for a wide variety of application in today’s modern world. It shouldn’t be a surprise for you to learn that metal backed pcb assembly is now being widely used in industries like telecom and automotive, as well. Besides this, it has also found a place in electric/ hybrid motor controlling systems and also in high voltage regulators. The sole reason behind this popularity is that it brings down chances of all kinds of accidents that are cause due to firebreaks.

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