A lot goes on in electronic product assembly, from designing, soldering and placing the electronic components on the printed circuit boards to fusing and final testing for checking the proper functioning of the product. This is of course, no child’s play and is supervised and done by industry specialists employed by Contract Electronic Manufacturing companies like Denis Ferranti. However, in order to ensure obtaining of high quality products and establishing long term relations with the partner company you need to pick out a reliable provider from all aspects. Here are some of the characteristics you should look for.

Comprehensive Services: The job of a contract electronic manufacture does not end with producing the required product assemblies. It should be responsible for everything from the time of taking your order through designing and production to testing, packaging and ensuring safe shipment of the final products.

Quality Compliance: Of course, you do not want to hamper your reputation by supplying your clients products of poor quality. And to ensure that you too get the best quality products and keep your clients in the loop you need to find a manufacturer which complies with quality standards and have enough certifications and referrals to prove the fact. Denis Ferranti is certified by ISO 9001(2009), OSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 and complies with Class 2 IPC standards.

Wide Array of Services: Apart from product assembly, a good electronic manufacturing firm also undertakes a vast gamut of tasks such as custom enclosures, Cable and Wiring Harness Production, LED placement, programming and complete ATE. Along with this a good company also possesses a formidable supply chain network to cater to your changing requirements and guarantee tested products and parts and replacement of the same in case of any dispute.

Finally, a reliable and reputed contract manufacturer is always financially stable as in many cases they need to depend on their own cash reserves when payment is kept on hold until the products are delivered.

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