Published on July 23, 2013, by in Pcb Assembly.

The Printed Circuit Board Assembly or PCB as it is popularly called; is one of the most important concepts in the field of electronics. In fact, it is such a basic concept that at times people forget to even explain what a PCB is. Looking at it from that aspect, it involves very few components – signals, basics of electrical, connectors, and soldering. However, in this simple journey too, the PCB has come a long way from its orthodox days to now encompass a structure that can support thousands of manufactures at the same time.

One of the initial structures of the PCB assembly was that of a board with several lines and pads. These were then electrically connected to various points that allowed the flow of signal and power. This initial painstaking process of point to point wiring is one of the reasons why PCB assembly is also called as Printed Wiring Boards or Printed Wiring Cards. And as expected, the problems with this system were many like – short circuits, failure at wire junctions, aging or wire insulations etc.

The breakthrough in PCB assembly services came with the advent to ‘wire wrapping’. This was a simple process of wrapping around a post, a small gauge wire at the connection points. The process lent the wires both durability and flexibility. Needless to say this progress eliminated a lot of problems and gave way to environmental friendly services where e-waste management became easier.

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