Metal backed PCB assembly procedures are gaining importance over surface mount PCB assembly in the LED lights manufacturing industry. LEDs are, now a day, being widely used by concealed lighting industry as well as for various purposes, like decoration and traffic lights. Moreover, these are also being used in place of lamps and light bulbs, which has further augmented the popularity of LEDs. The boards that are used in metal backed PCBs come wrapped in an aluminum backplate that can vary in thickness. The advantages of using metal backed PCB technology as compared to plated through hole PCB assembly or surface mount assembly are many, and below are a few advantages of this technology.

  • Proper radiation and heat conduction keeps electronic components and LEDs cool, which increases the overall life as well as durability of the circuit board
  • The amount that one has to invest on assembly and hardware will also get cut down that will, in turn, make it all the more cost effective
  • Heat through radiation is further triggered with the presence of an additional black solder resist
  • Proper heat conduction is further augmented in high power LEDs by additional aluminum backing which comes enveloped in separate sheets of appropriate thickness

Metal backed PCB assembly is finding its use in a wide variety of applications because of its excellent heat conducting qualities. It is being widely used the telecom and automotive industries.

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