While enlightening yourself about the fundamentals of Electronic and Electromechanical Assembly, you need to understand the basics of two of the most important technologies- that of Surface Mount and Through Hole. The two are methods of performing Printed Circuit Board Assemblies and are largely performed by contract PCB assembly companies. Take a look at the discussion concerning the two.
Through-Hole Technology
Through-hole technology of PCB Assembly embraces drilling of the components into the Printed Circuit Board through holes by using lead. It is followed by a soldering process, through manual or automated insertion by machines.

Surface Mount PCB Assembly
The Surface Mount technology involves the intricate soldering of the PCB by mounting the components atop the board. The PCB in Surface-Mount technology comprises solder copper pads or flat pads plated with tin, lead or gold which come without holes. Reputed contract electronic manufacturers like Denis Ferranti use solder pastes and fluxes which are soluble in water in order to attenuate the efforts of the residue cleaning.

Advantages of Surface Mount over Through-Hole
The advent of the Surface Mount PCB Assembly technology has brought forth many benefits with relation to cost and design of the Printed Circuit Boards and is thus replacing Through-hole technologies in most electronic manufacturing companies. One of the main advantages with the Surface-Mount technology is the small size of the components with density higher than their through-hole counterparts. The small size of the components makes them take up smaller areas or spaces on the PCBs which also leads to considerable cost-cutting. The weight of the SMT components has been found to be about one-tenth of those for through-hole assembly. Surface mount leads to a considerable reduction of vibration, shock and electrical noise as well. Not to speak of the handsome reduction in costs which is brought about by way of manufacturing through use of lesser holes and smaller board, large volumes of production, lesser material handling and many more.

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