Electronic assembly services are on high demand today with a plethora of Contract Electronic Manufacturing companies like Denis Ferranti coming up to provide quality services. PCB assembly encompasses the meticulous task of assembling the various electronic components and connecting them for triggering off the electronic functioning process. The board is assembled after loading the memory with the firmware and before the product is shipped our professionals ensure that the final product Printed Circuit Board is tested thoroughly to detect any errors. The designing, engineering, fabrication and monitoring of the board also come under the task purview of our professionals.

Although you may be flooded with a number of companies undertaking electronic sub assemblies and BGA assembly services while searching online, how do you understand which is reliable? Indubitably quality of the products and services is one of the main criteria that need attention. As an electronic company having considerable experience in the field we undergo in depth testing of the final products and in case of any errors take additional efforts to rectify them. We also adhere to the standards for maintaining consistent quality as set forth by ISO 9001-2000. These regulations are further meant for environment-friendly considerations. While quality is important you cannot simply wait for months on end for your PCBs to be delivered.

Therefore, in order for timely delivery the professionals must work with speed, especially when bulk orders are placed. We, at Denis Ferranti are harnessed with avant-garde equipments which give out high-speed and quality turn-around production, ensuring timely deliverance of the products to our customers. Finally, last but definitely not the least the technical credentials of the engineers and PCB designers need to be enquired. Our team of technicians is duly experienced in designing, assembling, procurement and testing of prototype PCB assembly.

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